Nitrocellulose NC Wood

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nitrocelluose (nc) wood

Explore a palette of vintage tastes and modern fancies through our range of lacquers. The finesse of these wood finishes are all thanks to their specialised Nitrocellulose formulation.

kadisco nc sanding sealer

Kadisco Asian Paints NC Sanding Sealer has a fast drying rate and is used for priming wood in preparation for a suitable top coat application. It also gives extra strength and durability allowing the top coat to form a strong layer on the surface.


kadisco nc furniture lacquer

For every kind of wooden furniture here's an all rounder lacquer. Kadisco Asian Paints NC Furniture Lacquer takes care of your wooden furniture by providing strength and durability while also giving it an attractive finish. It dries fast to give your furniture an instant glossy look.


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