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Hacks To Make Your House Smell Fresh And Clean

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Almost all of us are always concerned about keeping our houses clean and neat-looking. What we don’t realise is that smells are equally important! A fresh, clean-smelling home is a wonderful place to come home to. Along with our visual memories, we are also making olfactory ones.

However far away from our homes we may be, certain smells always remind us of home and evoke a sense of contended happiness. These are the smells we carry in our heart whose faintest whisper stirs up sweet nostalgia.

A clean-smelling home is an important part of a happy home. Imagine living in a clean-looking home that doesn’t smell nice! That’s not a happy thought. Even the guests who visit us are first greeted by the smells of the house.

So it is very important for us to keep the house smelling fresh and inviting. Here, we’ll share with you some simple hacks that will keep your house smelling fresh and fabulous.

1. Boil Simmer Pots

These brilliant little pots are easier to assemble than a salad, and twice as delectable! Simply take a deep bottom pot, add ample water and drop your favourite herbs, cut up fruits and spices in, and bring them to an aromatic boil that breathes through the entire house like changing sweet weather!

Some common (not to forget, fantastic!) simmer pot recipes are:

•   Cinnamon/Orange/Thyme

•   Rose/Chamomile/Jasmine

•   Rosemary/Cherries/Orange/Cinnamon


2. Grind Coffee

Coffee is happiness! In a coffee-loving nation, this little tradition is already prevalent in most homes! Just buy your favourite selection of coffee beans, and grind them yourself at home!

Not only it’s a great ode to the everyday poetry we call having coffee; but it’s a deliciously deceptive little hack that will leave your house smelling full of magic and serenity for hours!


3. Make Herb Pouches

This is a simple hack and can be a bonding exercise for the entire family. Fill small muslin bags with generous handfuls of your favourite dried herbs, flowers and spices.

Use your sweetest childhood memories as a guide here to choose what goes in those bags, and place them deep in sock-drawers, shoe cabinets and book shelves. Their lasting wisps of aroma will constantly make you smile, and you wouldn’t even know why!


4. Bake Something

This one is just right in front of you for the taking! Go bake something from your mother’s handwritten, big-fat notebook of recipes! Or something you bookmarked or pinned online!

Bake cookies, biscuits, cakes, brownies, muffins by the dozen! Baking not only improves your mood exponentially; but as an extra reward, it also fills the house with fresh aromas, and your heart with pure goodness!

The aroma of fresh baking is one of those incomparable smells that can never be replaced or replicated artificially.


5. Get Fresh Plants

What better way to stay in touch with nature than to get home some beautiful indoor plants that also keep the house smelling fresh? A few great options are Lavender, Mint, or Honeysuckle.

In addition to looking good and smelling great, these plants make great companions to the house decor. It is like having your very own slice of nature inside your home. It is very fulfilling to take care of plants that give back so much in return.


So that’s it! Keeping the house fresh and clean-smelling is not so difficult after all. A fresh-smelling house will keep all the senses satisfied and happy. After all, even the food is tasteless without the sense of smell.

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