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5 Colours For Home With A Calming Influence

kadisco asian paints posted on

Colours are the great influencers that affect our minds and moods very deeply. There is a whole pseudoscience behind it which explains how and why our minds react to certain colours. E.g. the combination of red, gold and green invokes a sense of respect in us.

Similarly, some colours affect us on a deeper level which is linked to our subconscious. While bright colours make us happy and energetic, subdued neutral colours calm the mind by relaxing it.

The selection of right colours will create your very own palace of peace. Let’s look at some soothing colours which will endow your home with their calming influence and fill it with positive energy.

1. Nickel Grey (6126)

This soothing shade of grey has earthy undertones without being overbearing like the browns and ochres. It creates a serene space that relaxes the mind. The neutral tone exudes a soothing influence and positive energy. Coupled with a light-coloured flooring and beige furnishings, it will build an island of peace and serenity.


2. Inspiring Green (9345)

Green is the colour of abundance and bounty. It is also the colour of nature, reminiscent of a simple, stress-free life. Inspiring Green is a playful colour which uplifts the mood and relaxes the mind. Paired with a few splashes of bright green furnishings and light-coloured furniture, it will create a room which gives out peaceful vibes.


3. Swan Song (7440)

Blue is a colour of many moods. A bright blue will be full of energy while a dark blue has a touch of sophistication. Blue is also a soothing colour. Swan Song is a beautiful teal shade which has soothing shades of blue. It is like the ocean on a calm day, mesmerising and calming. Paired with white furnishings and accents, it makes a for a perfect calming palette of colours.


4. Iced Silver (8236)

Iced Silver is a bright shade of grey which appears almost white without being too stark. The silver in its name just shines through enough and saves it from appearing dull. When combined with dark, warm furniture and a few splashes of colour, it becomes a sophisticated, yet relaxing palette. This shade also plays nice with the room’s lighting.  A few yellow lights placed in the right places will give it a warm soothing glow.




5. Day Lily (8060)

Pink is a bright colour full of passion and energy! But the same colour, when lightened, creates a relaxing ambience with an almost dreamy appearance. It would be a mistake to dismiss this as a feminine or a child’s colour. When paired with light-coloured furniture and beige accents, it makes for a combination which pleases the eye.


All the colours we have seen here are some of the perfect examples of how the right colour choices can have a positive influence on your home by imbibing it with their soothing presence that has a naturally calming effect on the mind.

After all, a calm home is a happy home.

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