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5 Colour Combinations For Walls That Make Sense

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Some colours are meant to be together, while some appear very uncomfortable in each other’s company. For each of us, we all have different choices when it comes to colours. But there are some colour combinations that are classic and universally loved, like red and black.

Then there are colours which seem like they wouldn’t work together, but end up working extremely well with each other. A home is truly a harmonious place when two colours with different characters and aesthetics come together and endow their beauty to the living space.

Let’s look at some colour combinations which when combined make complete sense and create unexpected magic to lift up the home on the wings of aesthetic beauty.

1. Creamy Crust (9514) And Old Lace (0950)

These are two light shades that belong to different colour families. Yet, when used together, they bring an airiness to the room that lights it up. Old Lace opens up the room whereas, Creamy Crust gives it an anchoring element. It is an accommodating combination which even allows for bright, primary splashes of colour in furniture and furnishings, especially if it is the kids’ rooms.


2. Aquarium Blue (9225) And Grape (7199)

What happens when two playful colours come together? More fun of course. This is a potent combination which exudes a playful energy that can change the nature of a dull room. Grape is a satin-smooth colour which complements the Aquarium Blue’s dark allure. When combined with dark-coloured light furniture and light-coloured furnishings, it makes for a room that is a feast for the senses.


3. Voila (9118) And Scenic Beauty (9570)

This is a classic dark-light combination. These are modern colours which can give a room an ethnic touch with the right kind of furniture and furnishings. The dusky Scenic Beauty is the perfect balance for the bright Voila. Some heavy, dark-coloured furniture will give the room a chic ethnic look. Light curtains and furnishings will only add to the look.


4. Sober Pink (9561) And Grey Buck (8482)

Pink and grey seem to be an odd combination, at least on paper. But these colours together, make a combination that is surprisingly romantic. Sober Pink sets the romantic mood and Grey Buck provides a stable base for the whole package. Light furniture and sheer drapes will further enhance the mood. Some light-coloured accents will complete the look.




5. Steel (6142) And Raw Jute (L151)

To everyone hearing these names for the first time, these shades sound industrial by their names. But, these colour shades are a big, pleasant surprise. These two come together to form a classy combination that is sophisticated to the hilt! A mix of black and light-coloured furniture and furnishings with this colour combination will be extremely difficult to beat on the scale of sophistication.


These colour combinations may seem to be at odds on paper. But, when they work together in unison, they create a beautiful home that has character built on the improbability of such beauty ever existing.

We may not know which combinations work and which ones don’t. But we know beauty when we see it. And when we encounter it in unexpected places, it is magnified many-fold by its sheer existence.

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